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Construction / Code Enforcement

Business Hours Wednesday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Call for Inspections – 856-829-9559

Construction Official / Building Inspector

Roger Fort: Ext. 1 or email

Zoning Officer

Ext. 5 or email

Fire Official and Assistant Zoning Officer

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Construction Code Enforcement Officers

Electrical Sub-Code Official – Anthony Saccomanno
Plumbing Sub-Code Official – Steve Rickershauser
Fire Sub-Code Official – Robert Yearly

Borough of Riverton Construction Office – Days of Inspections

Building – Monday through Thursday
Electrical – Monday through Friday
Plumbing Inspections – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Fire Inspections – Monday through Friday

Building Permits: Their importance and how they pertain to you

The construction or alternation to existing structures or the erection of any fence or sign requires a building permit which is to be applied for at the Borough Hall.

Why should I obtain a Building Permit? I am only installing a new heating system! I am only installing a skylight! Safety is the main reason permits are required.

In 1977 the State of New Jersey adopted the Uniform Construction Code, known as the U.C.C. The U.C.C. regulates when a construction permit is required, and why. The regulations state: “A building or structure shall not be constructed, extended, repaired, removed, or altered …except for ordinary repairs.”

What are “ordinary repairs”? Ordinary repairs is defined as: exterior and interior painting, installation, repair or replacement of any interior finish in a single family dwelling such as vinyl wall covering, plastering, or drywall on existing walls. Paneling is not included as ordinary repair. Other types of ordinary repairs include the following:
The replacement of glass in windows, or doors, so long as it is the same type and quality, the replacement of any door or window so long as it is the same style and in the same opening (this includes storm doors and windows), the repair of any non-structural member such as a railing, the replacement of roof material not exceeding 25% of the total roof area within any 12 month period, repairs on a faucet or plumbing fixture, the replacement of an electrical receptacle, switch, or fixture, doorbells and smoke detectors.
Why should you get a permit for that new heating system? We can inspect it to guarantee that you wake up tomorrow! We can guarantee that your contractor complies with the State regulations.

Remember, the permit law is the State law, not the Borough’s. If you or your contractor fails to obtain a permit, you as the owner, become the responsible party and are subject to a penalty of up to $2,000.
Make sure you have your permit and make sure you call in for your inspections at 829-9559. It is for your safety.

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Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Construction Official, on Wednesdays between 4pm and 6pm at the Borough Hall either in person or at 829-0120.