Message from Mayor Suzanne Cairns Wells

The Borough of Riverton appreciates the dedication of its elected and appointed officials as well as the residents who serve on the numerous Borough Committees. We urge all of the residents to become involved.

This web site is for the residents and others who may be interested in the town of Riverton, NJ.

The Mayor and Council Members invite you to attend our meetings (the 1st and 2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm January through April. 2nd Wednesday only at 7:30pm from May through January.) in order that you are informed of the activities and business in our community.



Suzanne Cairns Wells

President of Council
Michael Kinzler

Members of Borough Council
Michael H. Kinzler
Suzanne Cairns Wells

Armand Bianchini
Joseph Creighton
William Corbi
Renee Azelby
Kirk Fullerton

Municipal Clerk
Michelle Hack

Chief Financial Officer
Donna Condo

Ashley Mele

Tax Collector
Dolores Rosso

Tax Assessor
James Duda

Borough Solicitor
Tom Coleman, Esquire

Streets & Roads Engineer
Alaimo Associates

Wastewater Treatment Facility Engineer
T&M Associates

Consulting Engineers
Environmental Resolutions

Environmental Engineers
Alaimo Associates

Alaimo Associates

Construction Official / Building Inspector
Roger Fort

Borough Auditor
Rob Inverso

Borough Depositories
Fleet Bank
Susquehanna Patriot Bank
First Community National Bank

Borough Prosecutor
Daniel Gee

Borough Alternate Prosecutor
Mark Tarantino

Borough Insurance Agent
Walter S. Barclay Agency

Chief of Police
John Shaw

Richard Andronici

Court Administrator
Jacqueline K. Gleason

Deputy Court Administrator
Gina Leusner

Public Defender
James Fattorini

Fire Chief
Scott Reed

Fire Official
Robert Yearly

Emergency Management Coordinator
Scott Reed

Public Works Manager
Fred Rodi

Registrar of Vital Statistics
Michelle Hack

Borough Physician

Municipal Planning Board
Kerry Brandt, Chairman

Shade Tree Board
Barry Emens, Chairman

Architectural Review Committee

Environmental Commission
Kathy Simon, Chairman

Park and Recreation Advisory Committee

Board of Health
Judi Rossi, Chairperson

Animal Control Officer
NJ Animal Control, LLC

Riverton Fire Company
Scott Payne, President

Riverton Board of Education
Hank Croft, President

Riverton 4th of July Committee
Tracy Foedisch, Chairperson

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Chris Christie

US Senators
Robert Menendez
Cory Booker

US Representative
Tom MacArthur

State Senator
Diane Allen

State Assembly
Troy Singleton
Herbert Conaway

Board of Freeholders
Bruce Garganio, Director
Kate Gibbs, Deputy Director
Mary Ann O’Brien
Joseph Donnelly
Ryan Peters

Burlington County Clerk
Timothy Tyler

Burlington County Sheriff
Jean Stanfield

George Kotch

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