Message from Mayor Suzanne Cairns Wells

September, 2020

Dear Riverton Resident:

I do not need to tell you that 2020 has been a year like no other!

Every person, every business, every facet of our lives has been impacted by Covid-19. Neighbors in Riverton have been affected in a very real way as some have contracted the virus and tragically some have succumbed to it. We are fortunate that our numbers are small, but in this instance even one is too many.

I am proud of how Riverton residents supported the local businesses that remained open during the initial stay-at-home order.  When additional businesses reopened you supported the shops, salons and gym in town.  Please continue supporting all our businesses as they need you now more than ever!

I am pleased to be able to say that for the third year the municipal portion of the enclosed tax bill remains unchanged. No tax increase in 2018, 2019 and 2020! Some spending was deferred until the 4th quarter in case we had to cover unbudgeted expenses due to the pandemic.  We expect, however, to stay well within our original budget.

In May we hired a new Zoning Officer/Code Enforcement Official, Pete Clifford. Pete has been assisting residents with zoning issues and responding to potential code violations.  On the reverse of this letter are examples of items that need to be reviewed by the zoning officer. For complete information, please refer to the Borough Code .

Lastly, the summer storms took a big toll on the trees in town.  Please see the note below from Shade Tree Board Chairman, Barry Emens, about donating to the Shade Tree Trust Fund.


Suzanne Cairns Wells


Helpful information from Zoning/Code Enforcement Official, Pete Clifford

Before you consider adding or amending any of the following (not a complete list) on your property, please contact Pete. He can be reached via email at or 856-829-9559, ext.5 on Wednesday from 5-7 p.m.

  • Fence
  • Porch/deck/patio/driveway
  • Shed
  • Pool
  • Signs
  • Construction
  • Alteration of existing

A Note about Borough trees from Shade Tree Board Chairman, Barry Emens and Council Liaison Jim Quinn:

So far this year, over twenty (20) Borough street trees have been destroyed by severe windstorms and Hurricane Isaias.  Please consider donating to the Shade Tree Trust Fund to help plant new trees. Tax deductible donations to this dedicated fund are used solely to purchase and plant Borough Shade Trees. Trees planted between the curb and sidewalk are Borough trees. On some streets, Borough trees are planted in the right of ways just inside the sidewalks. The Borough is responsible for maintaining these trees.  Residents may not trim, remove or hang anything from a Borough tree.  Please call the Borough office if you have a problem with a tree and are not sure of ownership.